Vertical Social Network

  • Wind Business Factor

    Wind Business Factor
    Wind Business Factor is a project created by the Business division of Wind and TheBlogTV to support the birth of start ups and the growth of new businesses in I(...) View Project
  • PetPassionTV

    The leading Italian social network and web TV targeting pet lovers. In PetPassion, pet lovers can share their emotions and give hints about cats, dog, and other(...) View Project
  • Mamme nella Rete

    Mamme nella Rete
    The first social television for mothers who wish to share their parenting experiences. Mammenellarete is the first Social TV ever where parents of children aged(...) View Project
  • Made in Kitchen

    Made in Kitchen
    An international social network for gourmet lovers who want to experiment and learn more about new culinary tastes. MadeinKitchen is a SocialTV for all cooking (...) View Project
  • YouDem

    The first political Social TV in the world. Live discussions between the members of the Democratic Party and its voters with ad hoc participatory formats creat(...) View Project
  • EcoZoom

    The first Italian social network dedicated to eco supporters. In collaboration with ECORADIO . In Ecozoom, citizens, businesses, associations, and Institutions (...) View Project
  • Josp World

    Josp World
    The social network on spiritual journeys. Even pilgrimages can find their own space in the vast landscape of Josp World, the social network of spiritual travell(...) View Project
  • Dahlia XN

    Dahlia XN
    The most popular Italian social network about extreme sports. Dahlia X Network is a reference point for extreme sport enthusiasts as well as for those who li(...) View Project
  • Viaje a la vista

    Viaje a la vista
    A meeting point where members can share travel experiences, meet future travelling companions, plan and suggest new destinations, offer themselves as a touris(...) View Project
  • Veratour

    Veratour SocialClub is a project developed with the tour operator that is most appreciated by Italian travellers. Anyone who has tried and shared the experience(...) View Project
  • YouTelethon

    The meeting point of the virtual community of supporters of Telethon research. An example of application of the crowdraising model. (...) View Project
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